Skinny Bitch Diet

Posted on May 2, 2014

Get with it, bitch! Stop eating CRAP and use your brain, girl! That’s the no nonsense, tough love, chick-lit style approach of the Skinny Bitch Diet, written by a former model and a former modeling agent in 2005. The diet is essentially an organic, whole food, vegan diet. That means say adios to meat, dairy, eggs, fish, processed food, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. And avoid alcohol and caffeine! Skinny Bitch diet says you should eat three meals a day and only snack if necessary. No coddling for you, the Skinny Bitch diet warns that you better get used to feeling hungry (probably like supermodels). They also recommend eliminating one food vice a week for a month to get toxin free. After a month free of each vice, you can try it in small amounts, the vegan and organic version of course. A fast or cleanse is also recommended to kick start weight loss. The Skinny Bitch way of life promises that you will get prettier, have a great looking body, and men will come running. You will also improve the well-being of animals.

As for the pros of this diet, more fruits and vegetables is always a plus. And it’s always good to eliminate as many processed and refined foods as possible, along with artificial ingredients. It is also a diet high in fiber. And if you like the voice of the authors, it’s an entertaining read full of expletives and girlie glam style advice. The authors include a month of daily menus in their book to make the transition easier.

Aside from the girlie chatter, Skinny Bitch diet is a highly restrictive, whole food vegan diet which many will find difficult to stick to long term.  It’s also expensive to buy all organic all the time. You need a lot of time for cooking since eating out will be difficult. Vegan diets often lack vital nutrients such as iron, calcium, and zinc, so be careful.

Some experts contend that the focus on ‘skinny’ rather than ‘health’ specifically targets women with eating disorders as it attacks your self esteem. The language of the Skinny Bitch book might be offensive to some. Others could find the graphic descriptions of animal processing disturbing too. Some critics call this book vegan propaganda disguised as a diet.

So, bitch, what can I eat? Well, you will consume fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. With the exclusion of meat, dairy, eggs, and fish you will need to be sure to get your protein from nuts, seeds, vegetables, soy, and whole grains. There is no calorie counting or measuring involved (and no advice on portioning.) If you need an occasional cup of coffee or glass of organic sulfite-free red wine, it’s begrudgingly allowed. So, are you convinced? Are you ready, as the authors say, to “Stop being a moron and start getting skinny!”?